Accommodation for Edinburgh Festival

Every summer Edinburgh attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world. They come to enjoy the wonderful variety of Festivals this city has to offer. Whether performing, viewin gor just soaking in the atmosphere the summer festivals never fail to deliver.

If you are planning your trip to Edinburgh and need accommodation for the stay we recommend Edinburgh Festival Rooms. This has a great selection of accommodation available in Edinburgh during the summer months. You can find rooms in Edinburgh in exactly the place you want to stay and at a budget that suits your needs.

Edinburgh Festival Rooms offers accommodation for short and longer stays. If you are visitor up for the weekend there are plenty of rooms available for 3 nights stay. Alternatively if you are involved with the festival production and need to stay for the duration then you can book a room for the full 4 weeks.

If you live in Edinburgh or have property in Edinburgh and want to create some income during the summer months you can list your room on Edinburgh Festival Rooms. Listing are free, so there's no risk to you. The site takes a deposit from the guest for booking the room and you settle up the difference on their arrival.

Edinburgh Festival Rooms is provided by the same company that brings you Edinburgh Festival Jobs - a site you can trust.