Posting Guidelines

Provide instructions on how to apply.

Please indicate clearly in the body of the posting how you'd like the job seeker to apply to the opening, either via email, through a website, or by some other means. And provide all requisite contact information.

Include general and descriptive keywords.

These will help your posting to be found more easily on job search engines.

Good examples:

technical, marketingsales, promoter, drivermanager, performer, human resources

Avoid duplicates.

If you have more than one job opening -- go ahead and post all of them, but please, don't post duplicates. These will negate your postings from being shown on most job search engines.

No scams.

If you are asking for money from a job-seeker, or are advertising an illegitimate work-at-home scheme, your posting will not be approved and you will be barred from posting on EdinburghFestivalJobs in the future.