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Jobs for FrontofHouse

full-time Front of House staff at M JTT in Cowgate 31-07-2016
freelance Merchandise Salesperson at PBJ Management, Anywhere 25-07-2016
freelance Person required for strenuous manual labour at Fringe kids event at Baby Loves Disco UK in city centre 24-07-2016
full-time Front of House positions for Fringe festival venue at Just the Tonic in Cowgate 19-07-2016
full-time BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals Stewards at BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals in Old Town 21-06-2016
full-time Assembly Festival - Bars/Catering/Front of House/Box Office/Street Team at Charlotte Crone in Marchmont 19-04-2016
part-time Assembly Rooms - Edinburgh Digital Festival at Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh , Anywhere 07-04-2016