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part-time STREET TEAM WANTED £8p/h at Bright Marketing, Anywhere 18-07-2019
part-time Flyerer Wanted For Comedy Show at Dave Bibby, Anywhere 18-07-2019
part-time Backstage Team Assistant (Volunteer) at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 16-07-2019
part-time Street Team Volunteers needed at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 16-07-2019
full-time Flyerer for show about trans visbility at Edalia Day, Anywhere 16-07-2019
full-time Flyerer for at Keenan Steiner , Anywhere 14-07-2019
freelance Street Team Member Needed at Nicholas Cotz, Anywhere 13-07-2019
part-time Backstage Team Volunteer at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 12-07-2019
full-time Street Team Volunteers at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 12-07-2019
full-time Comedy & Magic fans wanted to join our Street Team! (Winners of Best Street Team Award!) at Austin Talent, Anywhere 11-07-2019
full-time Flyerers needed for comedy drag act at Christine Macdonald, Anywhere 10-07-2019
part-time Street Team at Heather Ruck - What A Good Egg Productions, Anywhere 09-07-2019
full-time STREET TEAM MANAGER at Bright Marketing, Anywhere 09-07-2019
part-time Backstage Team Volunteer at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 08-07-2019
part-time Street Team Flyerers at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 08-07-2019
full-time Street Team / Promotions at Andrew Roach Talent, Anywhere 04-07-2019
full-time Street Team / Flyering - last call! at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 01-07-2019
full-time Street Team and Stage hand at Pete Patel in Leith 30-06-2019
full-time Catering Assistant at Lov Events in Morningside 28-06-2019
full-time Senior Technician at ZOO Venues, Anywhere 27-06-2019
full-time Ed Fringe Flyerer Needed at Ed Eales-White, Anywhere 26-06-2019
full-time Tech operator and Front of House at Ian Pearce, Anywhere 26-06-2019
part-time United Agents Street Team at United Agents, Anywhere 25-06-2019
full-time Backstage Team Volunteers at Dyad Productions, Anywhere 24-06-2019
part-time Street Team Volunteers at Dyad Productions, Anywhere 24-06-2019
full-time Duty Manager at Edinburgh University Students' Association, Anywhere 20-06-2019
freelance Technician (Sound and Light) available for the whole festival at Kristjan Kaur, Anywhere 19-06-2019
freelance OFFERED - Freelance Publicist for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at AKA Bookings, Media and Marketing Solutions, Anywhere 18-06-2019
full-time Shop sales assistant - crystals, fossils, jewellery at Two Skies Ltd in The Royal Mile 16-06-2019
freelance OFFERED: Show Operator and Stage Manager at Brian Menzies, Anywhere 15-06-2019
full-time Comedy Enthusiasts for RBM Edinburgh Street Team at Samuel Nunn, Anywhere 14-06-2019
part-time Backstage Team Volunteer at Elton Townend-Jones, Anywhere 14-06-2019
full-time The Stand Comedy Club - Fringe Street Team 2019 at Kirstin Rodger, Anywhere 11-06-2019
full-time Street Team for Live Nation Comedy at Joshua Boland-Burrell , Anywhere 10-06-2019
freelance Offered: Photographer/Videographer at Jacob Forsyth-Davies, Anywhere 09-06-2019
full-time PROMOTIONS TEAM - OFF THE KERB at Off The Kerb, Anywhere 06-06-2019
full-time JTT Box Office at Just The Tonic, Anywhere 01-06-2019
part-time 2 Flyerers Wanted For Edinburgh Fringe Sketch Show at Megan From HR., Anywhere 31-05-2019
full-time Technical operator - various shows at Gag Reflex, Anywhere 30-05-2019
full-time Street Team Wanted at United Agents, Anywhere 20-05-2019
full-time PURPLE MARTIAN STREET TEAM at Purple Martian Comedy, Anywhere 18-05-2019
full-time Edinburgh-based Marketing and Production Assistant at Colin Granger, Anywhere 17-05-2019
part-time Box Office Clerk at Seabright Productions Ltd, Anywhere 15-05-2019
full-time Comedy loving sales superstars for CKP street team 2019 at Ally Wilson, Anywhere 07-05-2019
full-time Backstage Technical Training Intensive Course - Edinburgh at Edinburgh Lighting and Sound School, Anywhere 23-04-2019
full-time Operator Needed - Paid 2019 at Out Cast Theatre, Anywhere 19-04-2019
full-time Box Office work with theSpaceUK at Kat Moir, Anywhere 17-04-2019
full-time Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 - Venue Technicians Wanted at theSpaceUK, Anywhere 13-04-2019
full-time Fight in the Dog Street Team 2019 at Fight in the Dog Ltd, Anywhere 11-04-2019

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