Why Post on Edinburgh Festival Jobs?

The highest common denominator

Most job boards are a crap shoot. You post an ad and face an email deluge from unqualified applicants. If you like collecting resumes, that's fine. If you actually want to hire someone, it's not much use. That's why we created the Edinburgh Festivals Job Board — the best way to find festival staff.

Targeting the cream of the crop

Where you post your job says a lot about your company and the kind of people you want to attract. Our Job Board attracts the best because it's connected to people who are all about festival.


You won't have to worry about being a needle in a haystack either. There are usually around 100 jobs posted at the Job Board at any one time. That means your job won't get lost in the shuffle like it does at other job sites.

Leading festival organisations hire here

No wonder Festivals like The Gilded Balloon and The Festival Fringe are hiring on the Edinburgh Festivals Job Board. Plus, posting an ad is dead simple: 50 days, 100% free. Post an ad and find the right person today.

Posting jobs it easy and free, you can post right away here